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Bluestone Patio and Cobblestone Border Utility Area


We use stone from all over.  Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Hampshire, etc.  There are multiple creative uses for stonework on your property.  Adding stonework  compliments a planting, encapsulates a garden, or negotiates the terrain.

Stone Walls

Explore the many examples of our work using rock, including: natural stone, granite, and bluestone 

Stone Steps and Walls
Stone Retaining Walls and Granite Steps
Wall with Granite Posts
Stone Wall with Granite Steps, Posts
Curving Irregular Boulder Walls
Rustic Style Wall and Native Groundcover
Granite Retaining Wall and Steps
Entryway, Walkway Bordered with Sitting Walls
Progress Mid Retaining Wall
Valence Wall Under Shed, Natural Stone
Remade Stone Patio with Inset Steps

Stone Steps

Updated approaches and landings use various types of stone. 

Granite Steps and Pavers
Granite Step Entryway
Stepped Patio with Metal Railing
Bluestone and Riverstone Walls
Irregular Stone Steps
Bluestone Steps
Granite Steps, Brick Walkway, and Natural Stone Retaining Wall
Large Granite Steps
Irregular Stone Steps
Steps and Groundcovers.jpg


Beautifully landscaped outdoor sitting areas. 

Bluestone Patio and Water Feature
Fire Pit and Rustic Bluestone Patio
Natural Outdoor Space and Fish Pond
Inlaid Stone Patio
Bluestone Patio and Fish Pond.jpg
Bluestone and Cobblestone Patio
Deep Sinus Bluestone Patio and Sitting Wall
Bluestone Patio and Granite Pieces as Fire Pit, Benches
Irregular, Natural Cleft Bluestone Patio and Ledge
Inlaid Flagging and Cobblestone Patio
Patio with Granite Benches and Native Planting
Paver Patio with Cobblestone Edge, _Cottage_ Garden


Pathways made with love and care to last decades. 

Bluestone Entryway with Cobblestone Edge
Brick Walkway with Antique Granite Step and Drainage Trough
Brick Entryway
Cobblestone Walkway
Cobblestone Walkway
River Style Walkway
Paver Patio with Cobblestone Edge, _Cottage_ Garden
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